Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chicken Dinner

Apparently there's an Irish pub along my daily ride home that has fried calamari.

Also it's called Chieftan's.


More Ladies

Part 1, last week:

Part 2, yesterday:

This week's model as the first repeat I've had since joining the wonderful folks at the Saturday morning figure drawing group.  (I'm officially a member of the group now!)  Anyway, great session and got the weekend kicked off right.  Thanks to Peter (and Sorren?!) for keeping me company.

Sketchbook Dumpage

Need to post more sketchy things.  Here you go.  Some brush pen, ink, and ink w/ wash.  Also, the self-contained, on-the-go, my-new-best-friend watercolor brush with a water reservoir for portability is totally my favorite new toy.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Figures

More Saturday sessions.  I think I'm gonna do the double and start going on Tuesdays, too.  Lately I'm noticing a direct correlation between how much drawing I do and how well I sleep.  Hmm...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Animals Shmanimals

I've never actually gone out and drawn at the zoo before.  SUPER FUN.  Actually, I hadn't been to any zoo anywhere in at least 5 years.  Can you remember the last time you saw a giraffe? Because I couldn't.  Bought a one year member pass, though!  Now I HAVE to go.  My frugal side would kill me if I go all let's-go-join-a-gym on this one.