Friday, June 14, 2013

Brush Pen

Little brushies from the mini sketchbook over Mother's Day weekend.  Some airport, home, sports watching, and beach observations.  Aaaaaand I'm calling it for the day.  I think that will do for the first day of bloggage.  I'll continue to update stuff en masse so I can catch up to where I am now, progress-wise.  I've got a few months backlogged.  Tomorrow's project!  I'm hoping the blog will also help me to just put all of this crap somewhere in hopes of tracking how all this goes.  Current goal: get better and get into animation program somewhere.

Also! MY FIRST EVER LIGHTBOX AND DISC JUST CAME IN THE MAIL! AND IT HAS A PEGBOARD AND EVERYTHING!  Look at me! I'm Eric Goldberg wannabe no. 1,000,000!  (Mr. Goldberg, if you ever stumble onto my lowly blog, know that my only professional hope is to one day be able to draw like you)  Expect some super rough pencil tests soon...ish.  

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